Sunday, September 12, 2010

On Being Industrious

We've outsourced and 
crowdsourced our output
but we still think there is an away 
out there
out of sight and 
out of mind.

And I'm trying to stay productive
in the mash of obligation
meets innervation
meets innovation
in a tired nation
bent on its own alienation
from itself.

Because a moratorium is arbitrary
even after a slick summer of tar
and chemical rainbows on the gulf?

Because safety is a secondary concern
when there's a bottom line?

Because the economy's in the tank
when the gas that goes there
costs too much?

America, the bottom line
is not the only line.
You'll realize that 
when you have to stand in one.
You'll see that 
when we've crossed yet another.

It's a picket or a battle,
I think?
No wait.
I forgot my lines.
I went up.
And I'm running out
of resources
to draw from.

But I'm still drawing.
We share that, right?


  1. "and I'm running out of resources to draw from" --this might be my favorite line. Thanks for sharing this. the converted in Virginia needed this from a preacher like you:)

  2. wow! the second one was a surprise!


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