Sunday, October 3, 2010

"It Bleeds, It Won't Be Contained"

So, I spent my Saturday making a comic as part of the "24 Pages in 24 Hours" create a comic project.  It might have been an indulgent use of a Saturday, but I had fun doing it.  Well, mostly.  About halfway through the afternoon, I really wanted to quit.  Even this morning, my shoulders are tense and my back is sore.  But then, that could be more a result of struggling to upload the work to Scribd this morning.  Grrr.  Stupid, dumb internet connection!

As the note at the end of the comic states, I made this comic in a 24 hour period from 8am Sat (10/2/2010) to 8 am this morning.  I did use, in the composition, some scans from my sketchbook and some clips I've digitally created before, but the concept and the composition (as well as the digital clean-up) happened all yesterday.  I also did a fair amount of fresh drawing yesterday (hands very sore!).  The comic is a (possibly problematic) mix of poemics, cartooning, and some abstract comics.  Mostly, though, I just tried to stay in motion and produce the work in the time allotted. 


It Bleeds, It Won't Be Contained                                                                   

Here is a link to the comic in case the embed breaks (as they tend to do!). 


  1. Great way to spend a Saturday

  2. I am so intrigued by this. Love the theme, love the images, love the idea of ink bleeding beyond frames, bleeding its way into creation, bleeding in on itself again and again. I have more to think and say about this...stay tuned on VisceraScape...

    And thank you, thank you, thank you!

  3. I'm amazed you could do that much work of that much quality so fast.

  4. @libhom. Thanks. I did "cheat" and pull some of the art from my sketchbooks. I do a lot of my work combining scans of ink and paper work with graphics pad work, and of course all of it is digitally processed. Even so, it was an all consuming Saturday!


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