Monday, March 22, 2010


So.  How does it happen that I make a longish post about still doing art despite the calls and obligations of work, and then disappear for over two weeks? 

The truth is, I was blissfully "off the grid" for a week, backpacking in the not-yet-Spring Appalachians.  Sometimes, getting away from this overly interconnected world is a good thing.  I took a journal and art supplies with me, but my drawing skills were definitely spidery after hard days of hauling a very heavy pack up and down mountains.  It's official: I am now a "flatlander."

When I returned from this trip, I found that work had piled up in my absence.  I also found that my home computer, where most of the art lives, had missed me so much that it decided it needed major maintenance before it would pick up where we left off.  Fickle bitch, my Dell.

But true to my promise, I have been making time for art.  The works I present today are made solely with my iPhone and its various apps.  I've been uploading them on Twitter under the hashtag "#vispoetweet".  I consider them a kind of visual poetry, although probably other visual poets would see them as too figurative, too much like illustrated captions than actual visual poems.  Whatever.

Now, I know there is some way with Blogger that I could do at least single picture updates to the blog from my iPhone.  And I promise I will look into that.  I also realize that I could link this blog to my Twitter account, but I resist that.  Despite its status as "microblogging," Twitter seems like a very different ethos from this blog.  Even so, for now, I thought I would catch up on the blog with a little re-posting of work from Twitter. 

Anyway, my point is that the art continues even if posting it to the blog sometimes eludes me.  I'm not sure if Twitter will really hold my attention.  Like the bird in the logo, I flit to and from Twitter with almost migratory regularity.  I like sharing comments and using it to find interesting links.  And I LOVE when people use Twitpics.  But it also seems like an endless conversation with no focus in a very crowded and echo-y room.

Not bashing on Twitter, really.  Just saying I, like most of its users, have a love/hate relationship.  And I guess after two months of these #vispoetweets, I hoped one of my followers or someone else might join me in the fun of sharing art rather than just photo-ephemera of the day.  If nothing else, consider this blog post an invitation.  Will you, won't you, will you, won't you, will you join the dance?

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