Monday, March 29, 2010

Yet Another Test

And so I am wondering if this work-around solves the problem of words with images via email/mobile.  We’ll see.  Otherwise, enjoy this silly rendering of me being, well, warped.


  1. did you make this by applying the glowing edges filter and then inverting the image?

  2. It's actually made with a series of iPhone apps. There's a top layer that essentially works with a threshold filter called "ToonPaint." That layer is blended ("multiply") with the "Photo Canvass" app to a layer below where I did some color enhancement filters (not invert, though)of the original photo. And then, over those blended layers is a layer of edge frost (from "Art Camera"). The words are added with "TypeDrawing" -- they should have been the top layer, but the frost is the top layer and it obscures the first letter of "Do..."

    I was slow to enjoy working with iPhone image manipulation apps because they generally have less functionality than Photoshop, and working within those limits is frustrating. But, being on the road and at work a lot now (that is, away from my home digital graphic set up), I find myself enjoying the portability. And, as always, making do within "constraints" is its own source of creativity.

    I'll try to be better about marking those graphics done with iPhone apps.


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