Thursday, July 8, 2010


Another collection of Vispos on the topic "traffic."  Is this one of those devil terms?  When is traffic a good thing?  When it indicates patronage, perhaps, as in the traffic of consumers enjoying some form of commerce.  Or when there is high traffic on a blog (not that I am too familiar with that here).

If traffic is about transport, in addition to a cluster of trajectories we might attend to what we are transporting, what is carried.  And, well, where.

What is the link between traffic and addiction?  Are we addicted to our cars?  To oil?  Are we addicted to our relative status as reflected by the traffic on our internet sites?  How many followers do you have?  What are you selling?  What do we carry with us in this mad tangle of trajectories and patterns of flow?  What risks are we willing to take in the face of internal rupture? 

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