Thursday, July 8, 2010


Another collection of Vispos on the topic "traffic."  Is this one of those devil terms?  When is traffic a good thing?  When it indicates patronage, perhaps, as in the traffic of consumers enjoying some form of commerce.  Or when there is high traffic on a blog (not that I am too familiar with that here).

If traffic is about transport, in addition to a cluster of trajectories we might attend to what we are transporting, what is carried.  And, well, where.

What is the link between traffic and addiction?  Are we addicted to our cars?  To oil?  Are we addicted to our relative status as reflected by the traffic on our internet sites?  How many followers do you have?  What are you selling?  What do we carry with us in this mad tangle of trajectories and patterns of flow?  What risks are we willing to take in the face of internal rupture? 

Monday, July 5, 2010

Traffic U/S/X

David Byrne says that freeway overpasses and complicated traffic exchanges are the cathedrals of the (post)modern age.  Architecture is architecture, I guess.  But I wonder if the not so open road with its clutter of trajectories isn't a little more like a poem than a building.

I dunno, maybe it's commercials that are more like poems, and a steady diet of car advertisements has led me to see traffic this way.  A sibilance of curves and smooth acceleration.  See how I hug the curves?  Driving is just so sexy.

Something in me says this is wrong.  There is a price to pay for making excessive transportation sexy, for making traffic a poem.  It's not just a minor inconvenience on the way to work.  Too much US ultimately SUX.

Friday, July 2, 2010

iPhone Abstraction

I admit it. I love this damn iPhone, and not for its phone functions. It keeps me arty even when away from graphics pad and art supplies.

Today's art is generated entirely with iPhone apps. Groovy, huh?