Thursday, October 8, 2009

Blog Dialogue

In searching other blogs that do drawing and whimsical illustration work, I came across the wonderful ArtSpark Theatre site.  Susan Sanford offers quite a delicious collection of post cards from her "free-associative visual journey," including an illustration challenge.  She provides the following incomplete image:

The instructions are simple: finish the drawing in whatever way you see fit.  I will admit that I could not resist this invitation -- or even wait until I had access to better art tools to do a better job at the concept that came into my head almost immediately upon viewing the prompt.  Although blog dialogue is inevitably asynchronous, I felt an immediate need to respond.  Plus, well, I am enjoying the idea of doing more art on my own blog and, being the perpetual student, I respond well to assignments.

Here then is a spontaneous response -- done by hand with materials immediately available and then processed somewhat in an older version of Photoshop:

 Susan, I love your blog and its multiple links.  I think I am going to enjoy playing your art games in the future -- I know I enjoyed this one. And now I am off to see the other entries -- I didn't peek before I finished mine!


  1. Wow, you're the first person who has seen the building shape...which was in intentional on my part. Very original take. Thanks for playing.

  2. oh how marvelous!

    : D

  3. funny! i don't think she will take no for an answer


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