Saturday, November 7, 2009

Illustration Prompts

Anthony was amazed when he looked out the window and
observed...his pet alien chasing a robot off the lawn.

This has been a busy week yet a bit of a relief from the daily blogging required by my participation in @Platea's "Following Piece 2.0" last week.  Nonetheless, I am trying to keep my commitment to regular posts here, and so I take a break from planning for the National Communication Association Annual Conference next week to post some art.

The above piece is my contribution to Susan Sanford's latest illustration challenge over at ArtSpark Theatre. I love this blog and Susan's whimsical illustrations.  Her combinations of illustration and photography always amaze and inspire me.  I also appreciate her sense of collaborative play as she offers incomplete illustrations for friends and followers to complete.  This is my second participation in Susan's challenges. (Note: In the above illustration, Anthony, the wall and the window frame are done by Susan and what's on the lawn is done by me.  Just wanted to be clear.)

Linked on her blog is the wonderful site, Illustration Friday, which offers a weekly one word theme to inspire illustrators of all skill levels. This week's theme is "blur" and below is my contribution to that theme.  A quick note on process: this illustration is not a scan or made up of scanned parts.  I did this one entirely with the graphics pad and with, honestly, mixed results.  But I share anyway (and look forward to imitating the subject in the near future).

 "Blur" (Illustration Friday 11/6/09)


  1. Remarkable view from the window...the character in the illustration below seems somewhat familiar. Looking forward to posting the links on the 10th.

  2. i love the alien and the robot! hahah. very nice interpretation of the challenge. you can see mine at

    it's very basic, but i always love when ArtSpark Theatre has something going on, so i had to participate.

  3. I loved your work, that's very nice

  4. thank you so much! I'd love to know what you think of "ver 2.0" ( as well :)

  5. At 1st, I thought that was Bender from Futurama.

    Nicely done and enjoyed taking a quick look at your blog! Cheers!


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