Monday, November 30, 2009

One Last Challenge...

Eunice and Uncle Reginald had conflicting
opinions about the new Progressive Education.

As I head back into the "heat" of December and the end-of-the-semester *obligation* storm, I steal time to indulge in one last challenge/prompt for illustration work.  Susan Sanford over at Artspark Theatre offers a vintage photograph this month for an illustration challenge.  This calls for collage, but I've filtered the final composition to greyscale, giving it a slightly more illustration feel.  And here too is my prurient desire to muss up a more proper age.  Although, in truth, this image as altered is not all that historically inaccurate as some 19th Century progressive education movements did embrace child nudity as healthy.  

As with last time, here is the provided original:


  1. What fun, will post the link on Dec. 10. It's good to see a digital treatment.

  2. Wah! I love the way her mouth turns up, and his down! Excellent eyebrows too.

  3. Great picture! Reminded me of "What the Butler Saw" machines.


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