Wednesday, December 2, 2009


I thought "abstract comics" was a big discovery (for me) of new directions in comics arts.  And then I come across this other term, "poemics," as a direction several comics artists and poets are pursuing.  Usually short pieces (often related to abstract comics) that combine poetry and comics, several examples can be found on the web, especially at the blog poemicstrip.

What fascinates me about this is that I think I've been doing this all along.  The piece above might be a bit of a stretch for a poemic, but I doubt it.  Certainly, when BAR Corporation was publishing conceptual art cards on the Comics page of the Daily Egyptian, I think many of those qualified as poemics (although they tended to be single panel works while most poemics seem to work with sequenced images).  So, with that in mind, I've included several of my contributions to the BAR Corp project below.  And well, I suspect I'll be working more with abstract comics and poemics in the near future.


A Rag Man

Space Limitations 

The Ballad of Baudrillard

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  1. I like these very much. Super!

    I myself have enjoyed to do's a little bit different than abstract comics altought they have some connection, but in poemics there's always I think some connection to poetry, and languages or marks that tells a story...

    Often mix my vispos and asemics and also pwoermds to poemics and that's very enjoyable.

    As Pszren said: Do you want to join us? It always nice to met new people who make poemics.


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