Friday, January 8, 2010 home.

Actually, it was a lot more 
comfortable than flying coach class. 

This week's prompt over at Illustration Friday is "confined."  Given that I am more or less trapped at home this weekend since our car is snowed in at the top of an icy hill with unplowed roads, you'd think I'd focus on something like cabin fever.  However, I kind of like being stuck at home with plenty of groceries and art supplies.  Today, anyway.

Am I alone in a selfish response to the Christmas attempt to blow up a plane in Detroit?  I thought air travel was bad enough, but now we're making it even more loathsome.  I doubt it will be too long before mailing yourself somewhere would actually be more comfortable and probably more efficient than flying.  The prisons we build for ourselves are always worse than any dungeon imagined by others.  If that claim is too much of a sweeping generalization, it is at least a thought to carry with us as we return to contemplating how much of our liberties we are willing to sacrifice in the pursuit of "perfect" security. 

Maybe in the end, it's the rhetoric that is the most confining.  Here we are again, back among the pre-packaged arguments and memes, pointing the finger for political gain.  The world may (!!) have changed on 9/11, but the more it changed the more it stayed the same.


  1. Fascinating post and perceptive comments. So where are YOU snowed in? (Couldn't find your details but I'm not very good at these things). We're thoroughly enjoying our snow days up near Edinburgh.

  2. I'm in the southern portion of Illinois in the US (central US). I don't think our snow and cold snap is quite as bad as what's going on in the UK...but it's bad enough that we're not going anywhere for a few days. Should have parked at the bottom of the hill when the news predicted snow!

  3. I guess this is a new and novel way of spending a holiday!

  4. LOL. Funny image. If we reach the point where we can't even next day air ourselves then we will be close to bottom. Or just back to the pony express, when mail and people both got there the same way. So that could be fun.

  5. found you through zen comix (one of my favorites) --- and you are so right, the more we have changed, the more we have stayed the same - pretty sad huh?


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