Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Doodle or Die

But what does it say?  A log, a pipe...but this is not a pipe, right?  It's a sketchbook page.  No, it's a scan from a sketchbook...digitally edited and colored.  It's not abstract enough to be an abstract comic.  It doesn't play with words enough to be a poemic.  Maybe it's just another doodle.  Maybe it's just a visual stream of consciousness drawing.  Maybe it's crap.  Maybe it's just a blog post.  And, of course, none of these possibilities are mutually exclusive.

And for those of us who prefer our world less colorful...


  1. it's funny whatever you want to call it. and I like the color more. it points out how color can emphasize, which makes the viewer emphasize.

  2. I like them both - but the black and white si super. Both of them are super!!!

    Enjoyable to read and watch.

  3. this is totally abstract enough to be an abstract comic! While you visually define things enough to where the reader can get some idea what it is, that conclusion only lasts a second and is shattered by its lack of contextualization and in function becomes the same as or at least equal to an abstract image or shape in the roles these forms play within the comic

  4. It is an art...that for sure ! What you want to called is not important. This is still a poem, but in a visual manner !


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