Wednesday, January 13, 2010


The Dance of P and Q

Interesting conversations in the world of poemics and abstract comics about the relationship of words to images in experimental comics.  Coming at the question from two different directions, one of the most interesting aspects of this work is focus on the abstract shape (and, well, concept) of letters.  And words.  

As always, I find these conversations and the work of others profoundly inspiring (I highly recommend checking out Rosaire Appel's new abstract comic, As The If And, as well as his blog for additional inspiration of this kind)  When I should be, um, writing professional letters, I find myself absorbed in imagining letters as comics compositions.  I think my love of language gets in my way as I tend to default to visual puns and word games.  Still, this is what comes of PPPPlay.

 P Stream



  1. to some people categories have no borders.

    I found this a moment ago:

    you wrote really great things about abstract comics and poemics. so far ac's mafia is stronger than ours, so we would be outnumbered, but the problem is interesting. I know it's more complicated than this, but for me abstract comics ends where text appears. it doesn't answer everything, but it could help sometimes.

    I'm sorry to say this, but I'm afraid some people want conflict here, where we need more of a discussion. I think we should all be friends or at least respect one another, no matter if we like classic or experimental, poetry or comics, or both :)

  2. Okay, "AC's mafia" is a hilarious image. What exactly would abstract concrete galoshes look like?

    But I'm not really interested in conflict and competition. I am happy to be inspired by the work folks are doing in Abstract Comics and let it inspire me in my own work with experimental comics here and elsewhere.

    I think there may be an interesting tension (e.g. creative double bind) playing out here between the desire to be at the cutting edge of a "new" art form and the DiY ethic/aesthetic of art shared on (and often developed for) the net. One paradigm for the new (or even avant garde) is perhaps chafing against another. If past is precedent, that tension can be very productive (as long as it inspires art more than squabbling and gate-keeping).

  3. "ac mafia"? Pszren, I'd be curious to find out who exactly you think "wants conflict." As far as I can tell, you're the only one setting up different camps here and opposing one to the other... :)

  4. Andrei, you are unable to accept some things that are facts. I like both poemics and abstract comics, as well as many other forms of art. you are not only intollerant, but you also have no sence of humour. I don't want conflict, I've said before, we should all be friends.

  5. Pszren, I don't want to deny your experiences in any way. I assume there is some history I am not aware of here. That said, terms like "mafia" and characterizations like "intolerant" and "no sense of humour" as facts (whether true or not) do, at the very least, perpetuate conflict.

    I am not going to try to talk anyone out of their conflicts. Contrary to Rodney King's famous plea, sometimes we all just can't get along -- often with good, or at least understandable reasons. But on this point, I am not (yet) interested in this conflict; I'm not even sure I know what it is really about. And I truly hope this isn't going to come down to some false dilemma of choosing sides.

    Thank-you both for checking out my blog and leaving comments. Both of your works and web-presences inspire me and keep me producing my own work.

  6. Honestly, pszren, I have no idea what you are talking about! I'd be happy to "all be friends," but, uh, how exactly does what you just wrote promote that? You seem to have something against me, but I can't figure out what. By all means, feel free to email me, or even to explain here, in public. I'm pretty confident I didn't do anything that could raise your anger like that.

  7. Also, I would really like to know what "things that are facts" I'm "unable to accept." Please explain.

  8. Pszren--I just checked our personal email exchange--consisting of two emails from you to me, and one from me to you--which, though brief, was perfectly cordial. So, uh, I'm baffled. I guess you see my "intolerance" somewhere in things I posted on the blog? Please, please explain. I have no idea what you are referring to, and I really dislike the thought that I may have caused such negative feelings.

  9. I like these poemics very much. Awsome stuffs!


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